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Verrines are not supplied with food

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Take your guests on a delightful journey.

This verrine is best suited for the biggest products.


  • Weight for 25 verrines :
  • Dimensions / verrine :
  • Capacity / verrine :
  • Calories / verrine :
  • 29 gr
  • 7cm x 7cm x 24 cm
  • 4 cl
  • 3,7 kcal
  • organic and guten-free

Product Description

Do eat offers kits of 25 assembled edible verrines which come with a recipe from a Chef as well as a user guide.

They are made from a natural recipe based on potatoes and water. Their taste is 100 % neutral, so you can fill them with sweet as well as salty ingredients.

Thanks to these edible containers, you don’t produce any more waste or dishes to wash up !

Recipe realized with this product

Salmon Guacamole

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Edible verrine with salmon and guacamole

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