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A verrine dedicated to simplicity.

Once filled, this curved verrine is particularly easy to handle. You can tighten one of the edges to grasp it and put it easily in your mouth.


  • Weight for 25 verrines :
  • Dimensions / verrine :
  • Capacity / verrine :
  • Calories / verrine :
  • 29 gr
  • 6cm x 4.5cm x h 2.5cm
  • 4 cl
  • 3,7 kcal
  • organic and guten-free

Product Description

Do eat offers kits of 25 assembled edible verrines which come with a recipe from a Chef as well as a user guide. They are made from a natural recipe based on potatoes and water. Their taste is 100 % neutral, so you can fill them with sweet as well as salty ingredients. Thanks to these edible containers, you don’t produce any more waste or dishes to wash up !

Recipe realized with this product

Lentils - feta - peppers

  • Difficulty: **

A veggie delight

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