Who we are

Do Eat has created verrines that can be eaten with their contents !
Our healthy and ecological products will surprise you with their quality and user-friendliness.

Our story
  • Thibaut Gilquin

    Co-founder / CEO

    Thibaut is 31 years old. He has a master of Design and Architecture.

    He launched with Hélène the Do Eat company in 2013 after completing his studies.

  • Hélène Hoyois

    Co-founder / CTO

    Hélène is 30 years old. She has a master of Digital Arts.

    Hélène has many passions in life: art, food, cats and Mexican wrestling!

Hélène Hoyois and Thibaut Gilquin between complicity and creativity

Our complicity dates back to our studies. Helen opted for web design and programming while Thibaut preferred design and interior architecture. We Do Eat formally established in July 2013.

Over the projects, we have collected the full range of perfect designer professionalism, passion, desire to always offer the best and boundless creativity! A word is enough to trigger a torrent of ideas from each other … and vice versa.

Our greatest wish? Get consumers to change their behavior in waste without them noticing. Pleasure in bonus!